Scanalytix provides crucial data on your website visitors. It’s an invaluable tool to help you measure and respond to the effectiveness of your website.

  • Understand what pages on your site are the most visited.
  • See how your visitors found your website.
  • Easily measure the impact of changes on your website over time.
  • See what devices people are viewing your website on.
  • Identify if new visitors are leaving too quickly, and adjust your site accordingly.
  • A beautifully presented report, suitable for Management or Review meetings.

Here’s a few things our customers say about Scanalytix:

“I don’t really understand Google Analytics reports and don’t bother with SEO. Scanlytix made it simple and easy to understand analytics and how my website is performing”

SBS Ltd.

“Learning the majority of our traffic is coming from mobile is so important to how we configure our site”


“We want to understand the data. We want to act upon it. Scanalytix provides the information that us non-Geeks can actually understand‼”


“Using Scanalytix we can track analytics monthly to see how the changes to SEO are working”

UK Energy Strategies